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The Indian Army began taking deliveries of the locally developed upgraded Dhanush howitzer last year, marking a significant milestone in the country’s artillery modernization efforts. The Dhanush howitzer is based on the Transfer of Technology acquired for the Bofors howitzers.

In 2019, Advance Weapons and Equipment India Limited (AWEIL) delivered six Dhanush 155×45 mm howitzers. However, the guns were subsequently flagged for quality issues, leading to a four-year halt in production. During this time, technical issues were rectified, and improvements were made to the workmanship of the guns. Following rigorous retesting and clearance last year, deliveries of the remaining 114 guns, ordered as replacements for the original Bofors howitzers procured in the mid-1980s, resumed.

Once the complete deliveries of the 114 Dhanush howitzers are completed, the Indian Army plans to place orders for an additional 300 units, likely in late 2024. The deployment of the Dhanush howitzers has already begun in the eastern Ladakh sector, and more orders are expected to replace the approximately 400 original Bofors guns currently in use by the Regiment of Artillery.

As India continues its modernization drive, the indigenous production and procurement of advanced artillery systems such as the Dhanush howitzer will reinforce the country’s defence preparedness. These efforts underscore India’s commitment to maintaining a strong and technologically advanced military force to safeguard its national security interests.

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