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The Indian Army is taking a firm stance against the misuse of military uniforms, medals, and other insignia. Recent incidents involving a civilian and a retired officer have prompted the Army to issue strong warnings and pursue legal action.

In one instance, an employee of a Noida-based event management company was caught wearing military medals at a public function. This incident sparked outrage on social media, prompting the Army to intervene. The event management firm issued a written apology, acknowledging the seriousness of the offense and assuring the Army it would not happen again.

The Army has also taken action against a retired Lt. Colonel who appeared on a YouTube podcast while wearing the rank of a Colonel. This act violated Section 140 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Para 666 of the Army Regulations (revised) 2010. The Lt. Colonel has pleaded inadvertence, and the Army Headquarters is currently reviewing his explanation.

The relevant section of the IPC prescribes a punishment of imprisonment up to three months, a fine, or both, for individuals found wearing military uniforms or insignia with the intention of impersonating a soldier.

These actions by the Army highlight the importance of respecting military honors. Medals and uniforms earned through service hold immense significance, and their misuse undermines the sacrifices made by soldiers.

The Army’s tegas (strict) approach serves as a deterrent to civilians and retired personnel who might consider misusing military insignia. It ensures that the honor associated with these symbols is upheld.