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The Indian Army is exploring the possibility of acquiring the Garuda 105 V2, an ultra-lightweight artillery gun system, to enhance its capabilities for high-altitude warfare. This artillery system is based on the locally developed 105mm/27 calibre light gun and has undergone rigorous testing in challenging high-altitude environments such as Sikkim.

The Garuda 105 V2 artillery gun is being considered for procurement due to its exceptional performance during field trials. According to the Kalyani Group, the manufacturer of the system, the gun has successfully fired more than 2800 rounds during testing, showcasing its reliability and effectiveness.

High-altitude warfare presents unique challenges, including harsh terrain and adverse weather conditions. The Indian Army’s focus on equipping itself with suitable artillery systems for such environments reflects its commitment to maintaining a strong defence posture in border regions, particularly in the context of India’s northern and northeastern borders.

The Garuda 105 V2 artillery gun’s lightweight design makes it well-suited for deployment in high-altitude areas where traditional heavy artillery systems may face logistical and operational constraints. The system’s adaptability to rugged terrain and its ability to deliver accurate firepower are crucial factors in its potential induction into the Indian Army.

As the Indian Army continues to modernize its artillery and weaponry, the evaluation and possible acquisition of the Garuda 105 V2 artillery gun signals a strategic move to address specific operational requirements in challenging geographic regions. The decision to procure this system will further bolster the Indian Army’s readiness and capabilities for defence in high-altitude environments.

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