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The Indian Army is exploring the creation of a specialized unit dedicated to acting as the adversary during military exercises and wargame training. This new unit, referred to as “OPFOR” (Opposing Forces), is currently under discussion and awaits final approval from the Army leadership.

Traditionally, Indian Army exercises have featured designated “blue forces” representing friendly troops and a less-defined opposing force. The proposed OPFOR unit aims to elevate the training experience by providing a more realistic and dynamic portrayal of potential adversaries.

Officials suggest that the OPFOR unit would be raised by drawing personnel and resources from existing formations within the Army. These specialized troops would be trained in the tactics, doctrines, and weaponry employed by potential opponents. This allows Indian soldiers to encounter a simulated battlefield environment that closely resembles a real-world conflict.

The Indian Army already utilizes a “REDFOR” (Red Forces) unit under its training command, ARTRAC. However, REDFOR primarily focuses on vetting wargame plans and exercises on paper or through sand table simulations. The OPFOR unit represents a significant step forward, offering live, on-the-ground opposition that regular troops can directly engage with during training exercises.

The creation of a dedicated OPFOR unit signifies the Indian Army’s commitment to providing its soldiers with the most realistic and comprehensive training possible. This enhanced training will undoubtedly contribute to a more prepared and effective fighting force.