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According to reports, BrahMos Aerospace (BAPL) has proposed a joint development program for the BrahMos 2K Hypersonic cruise missile, which will be based on the Russian 3M22 Zircon hypersonic cruise missile. However, the proposed program is waiting for official clearance from the Indian Ministry of Defence to proceed. Atul Dinkar Rane, CEO and MD, BrahMos Aerospace confirmed that the cost of the BrahMos 2K missile is expected to be twice that of the current BrahMos cruise missile.

Financial Express Online recently reported that Rane stated that the development of the BrahMos 2K Hypersonic will take time due to its high cost, and as a result, the Indian Armed Forces may not place many orders for the missile.

According to a recent report by idrw, BrahMos Aerospace is working on enhancing the Ramjet engine of the existing BrahMos Cruise missile to achieve a speed of Mach 4 n above. To achieve even higher speeds close to lower hypersonic speeds, the company plans to incorporate energy modules and scramjet propulsions while keeping the missile affordable for the Indian Armed Forces.

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