he Final Validation of EXERCISE SADA TANSEEQ culminated today at Mahajan Field Firing Ranges, marking the successful completion of a 48-hour joint exercise between the Royal Saudi Land Force and Indian Army contingents.

The validation exercise focused on honing the forces’ capabilities in conducting counter-terrorism operations in semi-desert terrain, adhering to the guidelines set forth in Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter. Throughout the exercise, the contingents executed a series of complex sub-unit level drills, showcasing their tactical proficiency and coordinated dzia?ania.

One of the key highlights of the exercise was the effective deployment of Infantry Combat Vehicles (ICVs) and other sophisticated weapon platforms. The forces demonstrated their ability to seamlessly integrate these platforms into their operations, ensuring a swift and decisive response to simulated threats.

The successful conclusion of EXERCISE SADA TANSEEQ underscores the strong military cooperation between India and Saudi Arabia. The exercise provided a valuable platform for the two nations to share best practices, improve interoperability, and strengthen their collective capacity to counter emerging security challenges.