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The Indian Air Force (IAF) is set to revolutionize its maintenance operations by incorporating automated inspection drones into its base maintenance procedures. These cutting-edge drones will play a vital role in improving the efficiency, reliability, and accuracy of visual inspections conducted on transport aircraft and fighter jets, thereby optimizing maintenance activities.

To achieve this innovative advancement, the IAF is collaborating with an Indian drone startup to develop an automated inspection drone equipped with advanced analysis algorithms specifically designed for defect detection.

These sophisticated algorithms possess the capability to identify even the smallest damages, as minuscule as 1mm², on the captured images. Furthermore, the algorithms accurately position these defects relative to the airframe’s structural elements, enabling a comprehensive assessment of their criticality and facilitating better planning for necessary repairs.

By implementing automated inspection drones, the IAF aims to streamline its maintenance processes and enhance the overall effectiveness of visual inspections. Traditionally, these inspections required manual labour and consumed significant time and resources. However, with the introduction of automated drones, the IAF will experience a notable reduction in inspection time, allowing personnel to allocate their efforts towards other critical tasks.

The utilization of these advanced drones will not only expedite the inspection process but also ensure a higher level of accuracy and reliability. The drones’ ability to capture detailed images from various angles and perspectives enables inspectors to identify defects with greater precision. This enhanced visual data, coupled with the analysis algorithms, empowers maintenance personnel to make informed decisions regarding the severity of identified defects and determine the most appropriate course of action for repairs.

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