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The Indian Air Force, soon to be renamed the Indian Air and Space Force (IASF) as part of its ambitious Space Vision 2047, Plans to collaborate with ISRO on the development of a Military-Grade Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV). This unmanned spaceplane will provide a crucial platform for testing new sensors and other advanced satellite technologies in the harsh space environment. has been told that the RLV’s smaller size and lack of a human crew offer significant advantages. It requires less thrust and a smaller rocket for launch, allowing for longer missions in low Earth orbit compared to manned spacecraft. This makes it ideal for testing and evaluating critical space technologies that will be vital for the IASF’s future operations.

The successful RLV-LEX mission earlier this year demonstrated India’s growing expertise in reusable space technology. This latest collaboration between the IAF and ISRO builds on that success and marks a significant step towards establishing India as a leading space power.

The RLV’s capabilities extend beyond testing new technologies. It is also expected to play a crucial role in carrying out classified missions for the Indian military’s space program. This underscores the growing importance of the space domain in modern warfare and India’s commitment to securing its interests in this strategic arena.

The development of the Military-Grade RLV marks a significant milestone in India’s space ambitions. This joint effort between the IAF and ISRO paves the way for a future where India possesses a versatile and powerful space force capable of defending its interests and playing a leading role in the global space community.

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