The Indian Air Force (IAF) has gifted a Total Technical Life Extended (TTLE) MiG-21 aircraft to the Military Institute of Technology (MILIT) in Pune for training purposes. This gesture aims to support and enhance technical training for future generations of armed forces personnel.

The gifted MiG-21 has completed its designated operational lifespan, reaching the end of its Total Technical Life. However, through technical expertise and meticulous efforts, IAF units from Western Air Command (WAC), Repair & Salvage Unit (R&SU), and MILIT staff collaborated to assemble the aircraft for its new role as a training aid.

The Military Institute of Technology expressed its sincere gratitude to the IAF for this valuable contribution. The addition of the MiG-21 will serve as a crucial training tool for various courses offered at MILIT, including the Technical Staff Officers Course (TSOC), Naval Technical Staff Course (NTSC), and Defence Services Technical Staff Course (DSTSC).

By providing hands-on experience with a real-world aircraft, the gifted MiG-21 will enhance the learning experience for students at MILIT. This exposure will enable them to gain a deeper understanding of the aircraft’s systems, maintenance procedures, and operational aspects, contributing to their overall technical expertise.

The IAF’s generosity not only extends the lifespan of a retired aircraft but also fosters the development of future technical specialists for the armed forces. This collaboration between the IAF and MILIT signifies their shared commitment to excellence and innovation in military training.