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Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) has developed an indigenous unmanned anti-radiation decoy system that can be used to deviate the path of the ARM (anti-radiation missile) that is fired from enemy fighter jets to target the Indian-manufactured Air Defence System like Akash Mk1 and NG.

Anti-radiation decoy system will release radio frequencies that are similar to the electromagnetic waves being transmitted by the radar systems of the Air Defence System in a way that makes Anti-radiation missiles sensors pick up the radio frequencies of the Anti-radiation decoy system identifying it has the real Radar of the Air Defence System.

Usually, when anti-radiation missiles are fired from the aircraft this forces air defence systems to go offline before already-airborne missiles detect the radar waves emitting from the main radar systems and change course to engage them. Going offline also means a free hand to the enemy aircraft to carry out operations but keeping air defence systems online with an Anti-radiation decoy system nearby will make it quite difficult for enemy fighter jets to breach air defence.

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