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Hyderabad-based startup Paninian India Private Limited is making waves in the Indian aerospace industry with its ambitious engine development projects. Having completed the “conceptual validation” of its 4.5 kN Turbojet Engine, the company is now focused on building the prototype. But their vision extends beyond this initial engine, targeting an even more powerful 8.5 kN Turbofan.

This larger engine, according to Paninian, is specifically designed to propel the “Bigger CATs Warrior,” a more potent strike variant of the Unmanned Teaming System (UTS) currently under development by HAL-NewSpace Research. Sources reveal that Paninian has proactively offered its engine to HAL for consideration, confident in its capabilities to meet the demanding requirements of the Warrior UAV.

Paninian’s ambitions go beyond just UAV engines. The company is actively pursuing the development of a range of 3-12 kN Turbojet and Turbofan engines for various aerospace applications. Their recent success in validating concepts for 1-4 MW Gas Generators further expands their scope to marine applications.

Recognizing the importance of collaboration, Paninian recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Godrej Aerospace. This partnership aims to leverage the combined expertise of both companies to accelerate the design and development of Gas Turbine Engines for both aerospace and naval applications. This strategic collaboration positions Paninian for significant growth and impact in the Indian defence and aerospace sector.

Paninian’s accomplishments and aspirations offer a glimpse into a promising future for India’s indigenous engine development. Their focus on smaller, high-performance engines fills a critical gap in the domestic market, potentially powering a new generation of Indian UAVs and aircraft. The collaboration with Godrej Aerospace further strengthens its position, paving the way for broader applications across various defence and commercial sectors.

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