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Aiming to strengthen ties and boost defense cooperation, India showcased its military technology and equipment to the Philippines at a recent seminar in Manila. The event saw 18 Indian companies present diverse offerings ranging from aircraft and drones to artificial intelligence solutions, targeting the Philippines’ ongoing modernization program.

Indian Ambassador Shambhu Kumaran highlighted the similarities between the two nations, both facing resource constraints for defense while prioritizing development. He positioned India as a “good option” due to its cutting-edge technology and competitive prices, citing the successful BrahMos cruise missile deal as an example.

Beyond missiles, India presented naval systems, fighter aircraft, helicopters, and land systems, aiming to align with the Philippines’ “Horizon 3” modernization plan. The seminar also explored opportunities for capacity building and partnerships, contributing to the Philippines’ goal of self-reliance in defense.

Ambassador Kumaran emphasized the broader strategic context, stressing the importance of collaboration between democracies like India and the Philippines to ensure regional and global stability. He reiterated India’s commitment to “walk the talk” and support the Philippines’ defense development, driven by a shared vision of peaceful coexistence and respect for territorial integrity.