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In a strategic move to bolster its defence capabilities, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has initiated collaboration with Dassault Aviation, the manufacturer of Rafale fighter jets. The objective is to integrate advanced Indian-made weaponry, specifically the ‘Astra Air-to-Air Missile,’ into these combat aircraft. This integration represents a significant step forward in enhancing the Rafale’s combat capabilities.

Under this collaboration, the IAF will take responsibility for the costs associated with integrating the Astra Beyond Visual Range air-to-air missile onto the Rafale aircraft. Dassault Aviation will be tasked with developing the essential software codes required for seamless interaction between the missile and various sensors and avionics onboard the fighter.

The integration process entails adapting the Astra missile to seamlessly interface with multiple Rafale systems, including its radar and display systems. Additionally, the collaboration encompasses critical elements such as test flights, test firing, and the incorporation of Astra into support and maintenance systems, including simulators and planning computers.

The Astra missile, slated for integration with the Rafale, boasts significantly enhanced performance compared to the Mica-RF Medium-Range Beyond Visual Range (BVR) missiles currently equipped on the Rafale fleet. This enhancement substantially augments the Rafale’s ability to engage and neutralize airborne threats, further fortifying its air superiority capabilities.

While the IAF assumes the financial responsibility for integrating the Astra BVR missile into the Rafale fleet, the benefits extend beyond India’s borders. The integrated solution will be made available to other Rafale operators interested in equipping their fleets with the indigenous Astra Mk1 fighter jets. Furthermore, when Astra Mk2 enters production, the Indian Rafale fleet will also be capable of seamlessly incorporating this advanced weaponry.

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