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In a significant development for India’s naval defense, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh announced plans to begin construction on a third indigenous aircraft carrier. This news comes in response to a pending proposal submitted by the Indian Navy.

The new carrier will be similar in size to INS Vikrant, India’s first domestically built aircraft carrier, which displaced 45,000 tonnes when it was commissioned in September 2022. This indigenous construction signifies a major step towards self-sufficiency in the country’s naval defense program.

This announcement comes in response to the Indian Navy’s proposal for another indigenous carrier. The proposal likely refers to the IAC-2 project, a follow-on to the IAC-1 that produced INS Vikrant. IAC-2 will be based on IAC-1 which is a 45000-ton aircraft carrier with some design changes expected due to technical advancements. the regarding the new carrier’s timeline and final technological advancements are yet to be revealed.

India’s decision to build a third carrier underscores its strategic focus on developing a robust and self-reliant navy. This development comes amid growing regional maritime competition, particularly in light of China’s rapid naval modernization efforts.