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Under Technology Development Fund (TDF) initiative DRDO is looking at individuals and startups to come up with a solution that can handle drones and a swarm of drones for that, many private sectors startups in India are betting on developing electromagnetic pulse weapons (EMP) that can be engaged to take out large unmanned aircraft and a swarm of drones.

EMP can be used to fry onboard electronics of the UAVs and Swarm drones or cause a malfunction in the flight control system thus preventing effective usage of taking out targets.

Softkill systems like GPS deniers and hardkill systems like lasers have been used to take out rogue drones but swarm drones that work on principles of beehive-inspired multi-agent drone systems for autonomous information collection and to navigate with each other in groups of 50 and above will come as change for current soft and hardkill systems but EMP based drone killers have shown potential to take out a large group of swarm drones as far as 1.5km.

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