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Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday said that the world’s leaders and people have a very positive perception of India adding that the country is taking rapid strides internationally.

While addressing the ‘Kayasth Parivar Abinandan programme,’ in Lucknow, the Defence Minister said, “India is taking rapid strides internationally. You people would have gone to foreign countries, today’s situation is highly different from previous days; it’s like poles apart. Earlier during our visits to foreign countries, when we used to give suggestions on International forums, people didn’t take them seriously, but now if we say something, then even a country like America, listens to us and pays attention to our suggestions.”

Singh said that the work on the BrahMos missile manufacturing site in Lucknow is almost completed and one of its units will soon be inaugurated due to which millions of new jobs will be created in the state.

“No one would have ever imagined in Uttar Pradesh or North India, that a ‘BrahMos’ missile manufacturing unit would be built here. But today, more than half of the work of the BrahMos missile manufacturing site has been completed. This unit will also provide jobs for various people in the state,” the Union Minister said.

Talking about the export of Brahmos missiles to other countries, the Defence Minister said, “You’ll be glad to know that we have started to export Brahmos missiles to other countries also. The Philippines has demanded missiles from us. Now our missiles will be exported in foreign,” he added.

Highlighting the issue of traffic, Singh said the construction of the ring road is almost completed to curb traffic in the state.

“Earlier when I came to Uttar Pradesh, I saw that people suffered a lot due to the traffic. To curb this, we decided to build a ring road across Lucknow. You’ll be glad to know that the construction of this ring road has been completed and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate it tomorrow,” the Defence Minister said.