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The United Kingdom has reignited its efforts to bring India on board as a partner in the development of the sixth-generation Tempest fighter jet program. This comes after earlier attempts in 2019. Currently, the UK collaborates with Italy and Japan on the ambitious project, with a target first flight by 2035.

According to sources at, both Italy and Japan have expressed a strong desire for India’s participation. Their inclusion is seen as a way to significantly reduce the program’s estimated cost of $32.5 billion.

This renewed push comes amidst another layer of collaboration. Rolls-Royce, a key player in Team Tempest, has also been vying for India’s involvement. The company is actively promoting its engine technology as a potential fit for India’s indigenous AMCA fifth-generation fighter program.

India’s decision remains unclear. The country prioritizes its “Make in India” initiative, aiming for self-sufficiency in defence technologies. Partnering in the Tempest program would provide access to advanced technologies but might limit complete control over intellectual property. On the other hand, collaborating on engine development with Rolls-Royce could offer a more tailored solution for the AMCA program.

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