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A recent disclosure by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) sheds light on its export destinations, revealing India as a significant customer. The company’s annual report indicates that India accounted for a quarter of its export revenue last year.

Further analysis reveals additional matches between previously announced deals and listings in the IAI report. These include a $1.6 billion follow-on order for Barak 8 SAMs in April 2017 and a $550 million contract for the Sky Capture C3 system in October 2018.

The report quantifies India’s total purchases from IAI last year at $953 million. This includes $94 million for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), $202 million for radars and electronic warfare (EW) systems, and a substantial $631 million for missiles.

This disclosure offers valuable insights into the strategic partnership between Israel Aerospace Industries and India, highlighting India’s significant role as a customer for IAI’s advanced defense technologies.