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In a significant development, India has made a move to promote its indigenously developed BrahMos cruise missile to Thailand. A high-level delegation led by Mr. Sutin Klungsang, Honorable Minister of Defence for Thailand, was briefed about the latest developments of the BrahMos Weapon Complex during a visit to the BrahMos Pavilion on the inaugural day of DefenseSecurity2023 at the IMPACT Exhibition Center in Bangkok.

The briefing was conducted by Mr. Praveen Pathak, Director of Marketing, Promotion, and Export at BrahMos. During the presentation, Mr Klungsang expressed his appreciation for the capabilities of the BrahMos Weapon Complex and demonstrated a keen interest in the BrahMos Missile.

This development marks an important step in India’s efforts to promote its advanced military technology to friendly nations. While India has already secured orders for the BrahMos Cruise missile from the Philippines, Thailand has historically been a buyer of Chinese weapons systems. However, recent issues with a cancelled submarine deal with China, stemming from the non-supply of German engines, have prompted Thailand to explore alternative defence partnerships.

India’s outreach to Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand, with its BrahMos cruise missile is part of a broader strategy to enhance defence cooperation and strengthen diplomatic ties in the region. The BrahMos missile, known for its precision and versatility, is expected to pique the interest of countries looking to bolster their defence capabilities and forge partnerships with reliable allies. This development underscores India’s growing role as a key player in the global defence industry and its commitment to regional security and stability.

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