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India has issued a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) restricting airspace usage between July 17 and 26, 2024, sparking speculation about a possible missile test. The designated area encompasses both the ‘AD Launch Site’ in West Bengal and the APJ Abdul Kalam Island launch pad off the coast of Odisha.

This has led analysts to believe that the test might involve the AD-1 Interceptor missile, a crucial component of India’s Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) Phase-II program. The inclusion of both launch sites in the NOTAM suggests the possibility of interceptor and target missile launches from separate locations.

While official confirmation regarding the specific missile being tested is awaited, the use of two launch pads strengthens the possibility of a BMD-related test. The AD-1 Interceptor is designed to neutralize incoming ballistic missiles at high altitudes.

This development comes amidst India’s ongoing efforts to bolster its missile defense capabilities. The BMD program is a multi-layered system envisioned to shield the country from potential ballistic missile threats.

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