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India is outpacing the world when it comes to adopting renewable energy, said US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti, on Wednesday, while calling for deeper collaboration between New Delhi and Washington to win the fight against climate change.

At an event, Garcetti highlighted the importance of deploying clean energy to support sustainable economic growth and protect vulnerable communities.

“The United States and India are the most important friends in the world. The two biggest democracies have never been close. The friendship between the leaders is most consequential in a world of aligned democracies,” Garcetti said.

“I think that India and the United States together, (can) ensure that just ways (to fight climate change), with the developed world doing its part and the developing world doing its part…I’m so excited to see India, outpacing the world when it comes to renewable energy today,” he added.

The US ambassador was speaking at the inaugural session of the US-India Forum on Decarbonising Pathways.

During his address, he underscored the urgency of addressing climate change, citing the need to act now for the sake of future generations.

Garcetti also conveyed that the US mission in India is also hoping to have “vibrant relationships” with state governments and at the local level to promote sustainable development.

“But my message today from Mission India is that we want to do this (transition to green energy) for the right partners in the central bank. But we also know that we have to be just as vibrant in our relationships in the state and local levels, where so much of this energy is generated and distributed,” he added.

Garcetti, who also served as the mayor of Los Angeles from 2013 until 2022, highlighted the success of a campaign in Los Angeles that used supercomputers to model various scenarios for solar, hydro, and battery storage to ensure a steady stream of electricity and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

He also reflects on a college course taught by Wallace Broecker, who predicted global warming and hopes for a future where humanity takes action to reduce carbon emissions.

The US ambassador here also emphasised the importance of deploying clean energy in a reliable, affordable, and predictable manner to support sustainable economic growth and protect vulnerable communities.