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In the first-ever joint conference between the Indian and African army chiefs in Pune, with 10 army chiefs from Africa as attendees and 31 representatives from the office of the Army chief, India has made the pitch to supply a whole range of Indian-made weapons to the African countries ranging from Akash Air Defence System, Pinaka Rockets to Arjun Main Battle Tanks as many countries are now thinking of shifting from Russia for their weapons requirements.

India is further increasing its line of credit to African countries to procure Indian-made weapons and also has offered deferred payments and lower interest rates from Indian banks with assured local and regional offices of Indian defence companies for procured weapons systems. has been told that Indian-made ATAGS and MarG Artillery Guns received most of the inquiries from African countries at the last year’s Defence expo that was held at Gujrat. Indian-made Lottering drone is also among another weapon system that has caught the eyes of many African Militaries.

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