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India’s BrahMos Aerospace has initiated discussions with the Russian side to secure the Transfer of Technology (ToT) for the liquid-fueled ramjet sustainer motor used in the Indo-Russian BrahMos Supersonic cruise missile. The objective is to enable local assembly of the motor within the country.

While India already manufactures the indigenous solid propellant boost motor for the BrahMos along with many other systems that has put 78% indigenous system in each BrahMos missile , the liquid-fueled ramjet sustainer motor is currently sourced from Russia. However, due to ongoing economic and military sanctions imposed on Russia, procuring weapons and spares for Russian-origin systems has become challenging. To mitigate this dependency and ensure a reliable supply chain, BrahMos Aerospace aims to localize the production of the ramjet sustainer motor.

According to sources familiar with the matter told idrw that, once the Transfer of Technology for the liquid-fueled ramjet sustainer motor is successfully obtained, the indigenous system level of the BrahMos missile will surpass 95%. The locally enhanced ramjet sustainer motor will be further optimized to sustain speeds up to Mach 4.5 and engage targets at distances exceeding 800 km. This development will lead to an improved variant of the BrahMos missile, building upon the successful testing of the initial version in 2001.

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