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India and Mauritania held their first Foreign Office Consultations (FOC) in Mauritania’s national capital, Nouakchott on Thursday, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said in an official press release. The meeting was co-chaired by the MEA Additional Secretary, Sevala Naik Mude and Mauritania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Director General of Bilateral Cooperation, Mohammed El Hanchi Kettab.

” The 1st Foreign Office Consultations (FOC) between India and Mauritania was held in Nouakchott on 21 March 2024, co-chaired by Shri Sevala Naik Mude, Additional Secretary (Central & West Africa), Ministry of External Affairs from Indian side and Mohammed El Hanchi KETTAB, Ambassador, Director General of Bilateral Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamic Republic of Mauritania,” MEA said in a release.

During the meeting, both sides discussed a wide range of bilateral, regional and global issues and affirmed cooperation in various facets of collaboration.

Ministry said, ” During the consultations, both delegations engaged in constructive discussions on a wide range of bilateral, regional, and global issues of mutual interest. The discussions encompassed various facets of collaboration, including political cooperation, economic partnership, development assistance, cultural exchanges, and cooperation in multilateral forums.”

Both sides also agreed to hold the next round of the FOC meeting in New Delhi at a mutually convenient date.

“India and Mauritania share long-standing ties of friendship and collaboration. The bilateral trade between India and Mauritania has grown steadily during the last three years and it reached USD 378.24 Mn during 2022-23, from USD 108.91 Mn in 2021-22. Both sides agreed to continue engagements through institutional mechanisms. India’s Resident Mission has been opened in June 2021 which has been providing impetus in strengthening our bilateral relations,” the release added.

India-Mauritania have a democratic form of government and enjoys cordial and friendly relations.

India has opened its mission in Nouakchott in June 2021. India provides substantial developmental, human resource development, and infrastructural aid to Mauritania, according to the Indian Embassy website.

India has extended a Line of Credit (LOC) of value aggregating USD 21.8 million to Mauritania towards agro-industries (milk processing plant) and drinking water projects. India’s main exports to Mauritania are cereals (and related products), tanning and dyeing extracts, plastic products, cotton, ceramic, Iron and steel articles, boilers and related mechanical appliances and non-railway vehicles, etc. Mauritania’s main exports to India include iron and steel, ores, slag, ash, cotton and copper-made articles, aluminum, electrical machinery, etc. Total bilateral trade was USD 94.53 million between 2019-20.

Moreover, India’s imports from Mauritania were USD 10.70 million between 2019-20, and India’s exports to Mauritania were USD 83.83 million in the same period.