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Recent developments indicate that India may have initiated the delivery of its indigenously developed Kalyani TC-20 truck-mounted 155mm/39 caliber Ultra Light Howitzer to Armenia. The order was placed last year, and the movement of trucks carrying the howitzers has been spotted in an Azerbaijani news portal.

While the exact number of units procured by Armenia has not been disclosed, Kalyani has hinted at a substantial order book and is expected to complete deliveries within three years. The TC-20 howitzer has been rigorously tested by Armenian Army officials for nearly two months, attesting to its capabilities and suitability for Armenia’s defense requirements.

The Kalyani TC-20 is a state-of-the-art, truck-mounted 155mm/39 caliber Ultra Light Howitzer developed in India. Designed to be highly mobile and agile, the TC-20 offers rapid deployment capabilities, making it an ideal choice for modern warfare scenarios. Its compact size, advanced features, and superior firepower have garnered attention from various nations seeking to enhance their military capabilities.

Armenia, recognizing the strategic importance of modernizing its defense forces, opted to conduct rigorous testing of the Kalyani TC-20 before finalizing the procurement. For nearly two months, Armenian Army officials examined the howitzer’s performance, accuracy, and adaptability to different terrains and operational conditions. Satisfied with the results, Armenia gave the green light for the purchase, indicating its confidence in the capabilities of the TC-20.

Besides the TC-20, Armenia is also set to become the first export customer for the Towed ATAGS 155mm/52 caliber howitzer. Deliveries of the ATAGS are anticipated to commence from the next year, further bolstering Armenia’s artillery capabilities. Additionally, Armenia has ordered the Pinaka Multiple Launch Rocket System (MBRL) along with various small arms, signaling its commitment to enhancing its military prowess.

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