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IMAGE CREDIT Damien Symon@detresfa_

India has issued a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) from its eastern coast, indicating an upcoming missile test that is scheduled to take place from October 5, 2023, to October 9, 2023. The designated testing area covers a range of 2,000 kilometres, signifying the likely test of the Agni-1P missile.

The Agni-1P is a two-stage, solid-fueled Medium-Range Ballistic Missile (MRBM) that falls under the category of surface-to-surface missiles. It is designed to be road-mobile, offering enhanced flexibility and mobility for the armed forces. This missile variant has been developed and tested by India’s Strategic Forces Command (SFC) as part of the User Trials phase before it can be cleared for production and operational deployment.

Before this upcoming test, the Agni-1P had already undergone three successful test flights, demonstrating its reliability and effectiveness. These tests are crucial steps in the evaluation and validation process of the missile’s performance and capabilities.

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