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India is on the cusp of achieving a significant milestone in its defense indigenization journey – the development and construction of its own conventional diesel submarines under Project-76. This ambitious program marks a crucial step towards self-reliance in underwater warfare capabilities.

India possesses a strong foundation for success in Project-76. The experience gained from designing the hull of the Arihant nuclear submarine program provides invaluable knowledge and expertise that can be directly applied to Project-76.

India has a successful track record of constructing multiple submarines within the country like under Prject-75. This established infrastructure and skilled workforce are critical assets for Project-76. Ongoing development of indigenous torpedoes and cruise missiles ensures a ready supply of offensive and defensive capabilities for the new submarines.

Project-76 is expected to see the integration of next-generation technologies, further enhancing the capabilities of the Indian Navy’s underwater fleet. The project will involve the development of a new, indigenous design for the submarines, fostering domestic design expertise.

While details are still emerging, Project-76 is expected to involve the construction of six next-generation submarines equipped with Air-Independent Propulsion (AIP) technology, significantly extending their underwater endurance. The project is expected to reach the design finalization stage in the coming years, with construction slated to begin before 2030.