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India’s quest for self-reliance in underwater warfare takes a new turn with Project-76, a program to design and build next-generation conventional diesel submarines. However, unlike previous projects, the design phase will be handled solely by the Warship Design Bureau (WDB), bypassing the country’s premier submarine builder, Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL).

While MDL, with its experience in constructing over 8 submarines, initially expected to play a key role, officials have confirmed their exclusion from the design phase. However, they express eagerness to participate in manufacturing once the WDB finalizes the design.

Project-76 aims to build 3,000-ton submarines in two phases, with each phase encompassing six vessels. These submarines will boast advanced features like:

  • Indigenous technology: Drawing inspiration from India’s nuclear submarine program, Project-76 will leverage local expertise and technology.
  • Pump-jet propulsion: This cutting-edge technology offers improved stealth and maneuverability compared to traditional propellers.

Project-76 follows Project-75I, which involves acquiring six submarines through a global tender currently underway. While Project-75I provides immediate access to advanced technology, Project-76 represents a long-term vision for self-reliance in submarine design and construction.

Project-76 presents a significant opportunity for India to become a major player in submarine design and construction. Overcoming the challenges and capitalizing on the opportunities will be key to achieving self-reliance in this critical domain and strengthening India’s maritime defense capabilities.

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