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In a significant step towards self-reliance in defense capabilities, India has developed SEBEX 2, a new explosive material certified by the Indian Navy. This innovation by Economic Explosives Limited, a subsidiary of Solar Industries, is reported to be twice as powerful as TNT (trinitrotoluene), making it one of the strongest non-nuclear explosives globally.

SEBEX 2 holds the potential to revolutionize the destructive power of bombs and artillery shells without increasing their weight. This translates to enhanced potency and efficiency of weaponry, according to officials. The high-melting explosive composition is designed to inflict greater damage on targets through blast and fragmentation effects, making it ideal for warheads, aerial bombs, and artillery shells.

The development also presents exciting export possibilities as nations worldwide seek to improve the lethality of their defense systems. Reports suggest that Economic Explosives Limited is already working on an even more powerful variant with a TNT equivalence of 2.3.

For context, conventional explosives used globally typically have a TNT equivalence of 1.25-1.30. India’s most commonly used explosives reach around 1.50 on this scale. SEBEX 2 marks a significant leap forward in the country’s explosive technology.

This development signifies India’s growing self-sufficiency in defense manufacturing and positions it as a potential leader in the field of advanced explosives.