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The 21st round of India-China Corps Commander Level Meeting was held on February 19th at the Chushul-Moldo border meeting point. The discussions aimed to build upon progress made in previous rounds and achieve complete disengagement in the remaining areas along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh.

Both sides recognized the importance of complete disengagement as a crucial step towards restoring peace and tranquility in the border areas. The discussions were held in a “friendly and cordial atmosphere,” indicating a positive tone despite ongoing tensions.

China and India shared their respective perspectives on the disengagement process, aiming to find mutually acceptable solutions. They agreed to maintain communication through military and diplomatic channels to move forward.

While seeking long-term solutions, both sides reiterated their commitment to maintaining peace and tranquility in the border areas in the interim. This commitment is crucial to prevent further escalation and ensure stability in the region.

The 21st Corps Commander Level Meeting marks another step in the ongoing dialogue between India and China. While the path towards complete disengagement remains complex, continued communication and commitment to peace offer hope for a peaceful resolution.