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India has embarked on a significant infrastructure project near the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Arunachal Pradesh. The project involves constructing a 5.2-kilometer ropeway, connecting the renowned Tawang Monastery to the picturesque PT Tso Lake. Expected to be completed within three years at a cost of Rs 522 crore, this initiative aims to boost tourism in the region.

The new ropeway will significantly reduce travel time between the Tawang Monastery, a popular pilgrimage site, and PT Tso Lake, known for its mesmerizing beauty. Currently, reaching the lake can take a considerable amount of time. This swift and convenient ropeway access will undoubtedly enhance the tourist experience in the region.

The project’s proximity to the LAC underscores India’s focus on development in the border areas. This ropeway, alongside the existing one connecting Tawang Monastery to Gyangong Ani Gonpa, strengthens infrastructure and accessibility in this strategically important region.

The construction of the ropeway is projected to generate employment opportunities in the area. Additionally, the improved tourism infrastructure is likely to bring positive economic benefits to the local communities.