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Last month, the Indian Ambassador to Argentina, Dinesh Bhatia, along with a delegation from the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), met with Jorge Enrique Taiana and Brigadier General Xavier Isaac of the Argentine Air Force. During this meeting, India proudly demonstrated its prowess in manufacturing and showcased the Tejas fighter, garnering significant interest from the South American nation.

Argentina is keen to acquire 15-16 Tejas fighters directly from India, and it also aims to assemble an additional 30 jets locally in its own country. This proposition opens up significant avenues for collaboration, technology transfer, and joint production, further fostering a robust defence relationship between the two nations.

To sweeten the deal, India has offered to equip the Tejas Mk1A with either American or Russian ejection seats, providing Argentina with a range of options to suit its requirements and preferences. Additionally, India is willing to replace the UK-supplied nose cone with a locally manufactured alternative, showcasing India’s commitment to self-reliance and indigenous production.

Moreover, India’s proactive approach to modernizing its defence fleet is evident in its plans to replace the British Dunlop tires currently used in the Tejas aircraft with domestically produced MRF tires. This move not only emphasizes India’s focus on self-sufficiency but also presents Argentina with the prospect of accessing cutting-edge technology and equipment for its fighter fleet.

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