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A growing rift between Azerbaijan and Armenia has drawn India into the geopolitical spotlight. Recent developments highlight a potential escalation as Azerbaijan directs criticism towards India’s arms sale to Armenia.

India’s recent major sale of weapons systems to Armenia has triggered discontent in Azerbaijan. This discontent has reportedly spilled over into the information sphere, with the Azerbaijani Defence Ministry suspected to be behind efforts to spread negative information about Indian military technology.

According to a popular Indian YouTube defense channel, they were offered a substantial sum ($12,000) to produce videos criticizing specific Indian weapons systems. These systems included the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile, ATAGS towed 155 mm/52 calibre howitzer, the Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launcher, and the Akash air defense system. The content of the videos was allegedly scripted propaganda designed to discredit Indian military technology.

This incident highlights the growing use of information warfare tactics in international relations. While the Azerbaijani Defence Ministry hasn’t officially commented on the allegations, the targeting of specific Indian weapons systems suggests a coordinated effort.

Defense news website has confirmed their policy of refusing sponsored articles from any defense manufacturer. This commitment to journalistic integrity serves as a positive example within the industry.

Despite the propaganda efforts, India’s growing defense partnership with Armenia is expected to continue. Such partnerships can provide both nations with strategic benefits and opportunities for technological collaboration.