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India and Russia might allow a formal round of talks between two agencies that will be involved in the development of BrahMos-II Hypersonic Cruise Missiles (HCM) later this year as India might get some of the technology from the Russian 3M22 Zircon HCM program.

BrahMos Corporation, a Joint venture between an Indian and Russian company that worked on the BrahMos Supersonic cruise missile will be involved in the program again and India has shown a key interest in the development of a ship-based HCM program to increase its offensive capabilities in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) sources indicated to, has learned that India is looking at BrahMos-II which has Mach 5-6 speed with a range of around 1000km that will be 30-40% less range than that of Russian 3M22 Zircon HCM. BrahMos Corporation will develop Indian-specific variant in the next 8 years if it gets to go ahead with the program with 30-40% indigenous technology mated to Russian Technology.

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