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In a groundbreaking partnership that leverages deep technology expertise, NewSpace Research and Technologies (NRT) has joined forces with AutonomyHD, led by Professor Kenzo Nonami, a renowned robotics scientist in Japan. This collaboration aims to create the Autonomous Swarm Systems for Intelligent and Swift Turnaround (ASSIST) initiative, focusing on disaster management missions.

NRT’s demonstration of cutting-edge swarming technologies marks a historic milestone in this collaboration. Professor Nonami, impressed by NRT’s capabilities, expressed his pride in working with the organization. He emphasized the importance of this collaboration, stating that they would collaborate with NRT to develop technologies for various applications in Japan.

Julius Amrit, the Chief Operating Officer of NRT, also expressed his excitement about the partnership with Professor Nonami and Autonomy HD. He highlighted their shared goal of developing new technologies and applications using their collaborative autonomy stack.

The ASSIST initiative represents a significant step forward in disaster management, where autonomous swarm systems can play a pivotal role in efficiently and swiftly responding to critical situations. This partnership between India and Japan showcases the potential for international collaboration in advancing cutting-edge technologies for the greater good, particularly in disaster response and mitigation.

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