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Traditionally, military ties between India and Germany have been limited. However, with a changing global security landscape marked by Russia’s war in Ukraine and China’s growing assertiveness, both nations are re-evaluating their defence partnership.

This renewed focus on collaboration comes after recent amendments to Germany’s defence export laws. This shift has opened doors for potential joint ventures between Indian and German defence industries.

A recent visit by a business delegation to the International Aerospace Exhibition Berlin (ILA Berlin) served as a catalyst for productive discussions. The delegation met with H.E. P. Harish, the Indian Ambassador to Germany, with a focus on exploring co-development and co-production opportunities in the defence sector.

Both sides acknowledged the potential for significant synergies between their respective industries. Joint endeavours in co-development and co-production could lead to advancements and a rise in the technological capabilities of both Indian and German defence sectors.

This newfound emphasis on collaboration signifies a strategic shift for both India and Germany. The current geopolitical climate has created a common ground for these two nations, pushing them towards a more robust defence partnership. The success of this partnership will hinge on leveraging the strengths of each nation’s defence industry to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

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