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India is poised to take significant strides in its Nuclear Attack Submarine (SSN) program, with France’s Naval Group emerging as a crucial partner in this endeavour. The cooperation between the two countries holds the potential to elevate India’s maritime defence capabilities to new heights.

The collaboration between India and France in the field of SSNs comes after India sought France’s assistance in its SSN program, and discussions are progressing favorably. France, with its rich expertise in submarine technology, is a natural ally for India’s ambitions in this domain.

One of the key areas of cooperation revolves around non-nuclear submarine technology transfer. India is keen on leveraging France’s prowess in this realm to bolster its own SSN program, set to commence construction by late 2028. France’s Naval Group has been at the forefront of innovative submarine technologies, making it an ideal partner for India’s ambitious project.

France has offered crucial contributions to India’s SSN program, including pump-jet propulsion technology and design assistance for the new submarines. These technologies will play a pivotal role in enhancing the performance and stealth capabilities of India’s SSNs.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Indian government has allocated funds for the development of three 5000-6000-ton Nuclear Attack Submarines in Phase I of the program, with plans for three more in subsequent stages.

Nuclear Attack Submarines serve as the vanguard of a nation’s naval defence, providing cover to Aircraft Carrier Groups and conducting stealthy sea-to-land attacks. These submarines are equipped with long-range supersonic and subsonic cruise missiles, capable of targeting both sea and land-based adversaries with precision.

The collaboration between India and France in the SSN program not only enhances India’s maritime capabilities but also fosters a deeper strategic partnership between the two nations. As India looks to bolster its naval presence and secure its maritime interests, France’s support and expertise are set to play a pivotal role in achieving these objectives.

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