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Indian defense innovation initiative, iDEX, is celebrating a major win for a domestic company. 3rdiTech, an iDEX winner, has become the first Indian semiconductor company to be featured as a TSMC Innovation Partner at their prestigious annual conference held in San Francisco.

iDEX extended their heartfelt congratulations to the entire 3rdiTech team for achieving this remarkable milestone.

This recognition by TSMC, a leading global semiconductor manufacturer, signifies a significant achievement for 3rdiTech and the Indian semiconductor industry as a whole. It highlights the growing potential of domestic chipmakers and their ability to compete on the international stage.

The iDEX initiative has been instrumental in fostering innovation in the Indian defense sector, and 3rdiTech’s success story serves as a testament to its effectiveness. It is expected to inspire other domestic companies and startups working on cutting-edge technologies.