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The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has launched a new initiative under iDEX ADITI (Acing Development of Innovative Technologies with iDEX) – Edition 1.0. This program specifically targets Indian startups with the challenge of developing a high supersonic to hypersonic ramjet engine for fixed-wing flying objects used by the Indian Navy.

The project aims to achieve self-reliance in a critical defence technology – hypersonic propulsion systems. This technology is crucial for developing next-generation missiles and high-speed aircraft capable of exceeding hypersonic speeds (Mach 5 and above).

This challenge presents a unique opportunity for Indian startups in the aerospace and defence sector. By successfully developing this hypersonic ramjet engine, startups can not only contribute to India’s self-reliance in defence technology but also gain immense recognition and support from the MoD.

The iDEX ADITI initiative serves as a launchpad for Indian startups to showcase their ingenuity and contribute to the nation’s defence needs. By taking up this challenge, startups have the potential to revolutionize high-speed flight capabilities for the Indian Navy and redefine the future of aerospace technology in India.

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