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ideaForge Technology Limited, a leading force in global drone technology, has unveiled the beta launch of its revolutionary Flyght Cloud platform. This groundbreaking innovation promises to redefine the way businesses leverage drone data, ushering in a new era of streamlined workflows and powerful insights.

Flyght Cloud tackles the challenges that often plague drone data management. Gone are the days of juggling multiple vendors, navigating complex regulations, and struggling with inefficient workflows. Flyght Cloud offers a subscription-based model, providing flexibility and affordability for businesses of all sizes. Tailored workflows cater to specific industries and use cases, ensuring a seamless fit for your needs.

Designed to work in perfect harmony with ideaForge’s advanced drones, Flyght Cloud empowers users to unlock the full potential of their aerial data. From mission planning and data capture to image processing and insightful analysis, Flyght Cloud streamlines every step with user-friendly features.

Ezhilan Nanmaran, Head of Product and Strategic Partnerships at ideaForge Technology Limited, succinctly captures the platform’s essence: “With Flyght Cloud, we are redefining the way businesses leverage drone data to deliver outcomes.” Their motto, “One Platform, Infinite Possibilities,” embodies Flyght Cloud’s versatility and adaptability across various sectors.


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Seamless End-to-End Solution

Eliminate finger-pointing with a fully integrated platform

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Unmatched Flexiblity

Choose the processing software that best suits your needs

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Effortless Collaboration

Share data and insights with ease across your team

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Get started with minimal upfront investment

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Unwavering Security

Your data is always protected with robust security measures

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Unparalleled Speed