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The prestigious No.31 Squadron ‘Lions’ of the Indian Air Force (IAF) commemorated a momentous occasion on the 21st of October 2023, celebrating its illustrious 60 years of service to the nation. The Diamond Jubilee event, held at the Air Force Station Jodhpur, was a testament to the squadron’s exceptional contributions and longstanding legacy in serving the country.

The grand event, graced by Air Marshal SP Dharkar, Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Air Command, and the Commodore Commandant of 31 Squadron, was a vibrant display of the squadron’s rich history and accomplishments. The highlight of the celebration was the unveiling of a striking Su-30MKI adorned with the squadron’s emblem, the Lion, along with the motto “Shatru Chhidrey Prahret” (A Kill with every blow), representing the squadron’s indomitable spirit and dedication.

The event was marked by a series of captivating displays, including a spectacular performance by the AkashGanga skydiving team of the Indian Air Force. The audience was enthralled by thrilling low-level aerobatics and other mesmerizing displays presented by various fighter aircraft and helicopters. Additionally, a remarkable static display featuring a range of aircraft and equipment added to the excitement, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

The significant presence of a large number of Air Veterans and Serving Officers added a nostalgic touch to the event, emphasizing the deep-rooted bonds and shared experiences that have shaped the squadron’s legacy. The Diamond Jubilee of No.31 Squadron ‘Lions’ not only highlighted its remarkable contributions to the Indian Air Force but also underscored its unwavering commitment to national security and excellence in service.

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