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The Indian Air Force’s (IAF) arsenal is set for a significant upgrade with the induction of the Rudram II and III missiles. These air-launched, long-range missiles boast a range of 350-500 kilometers, allowing IAF jets to engage targets from a safe distance and minimize their exposure to enemy air defenses.

The Rudram missiles offer a substantial leap in capability compared to previously inducted options. This includes the Israeli-made Rampage with a 250km range and the planned air-launched cruise missile with a 1,000km range. The Rudram Family fill a crucial gap between these two options, providing flexibility for various strike missions.

India’s commitment to bolstering its aerial firepower extends beyond the Rudram missiles. DRDO’s indigenous stealth cruise missile with a 500km range and HAL’s CATS Hunter with a 250km range further solidify this objective. The planned integration of the BrahMos-NG, a supersonic air-launched cruise missile with Mach 4 capability, adds another layer of deterrence.

In the coming years, the IAF can expect a dramatic transformation in its offensive capabilities. The combined addition of the Rudram series, other long-range missiles, and hypersonic options like BrahMos-NG will provide unmatched standoff capability and aerial strike power. This modernization program will significantly enhance India’s air deterrence and empower the IAF to effectively address evolving security threats.