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The Indian Air Force’s (IAF) contemplation of placing an additional order for 100 Tejas Mk1A fighter jets is set to provide a significant boost to the indigenous fighter aircraft production line. This move not only strengthens the IAF’s operational capabilities but also supports the ‘Make in India’ initiative, fostering self-sufficiency in defence manufacturing and enhancing India’s position as a global player in the aviation sector.

In 2021, the IAF placed an order for 83 LCA-Tejas fighter jets, with 73 being upgraded single-seater Tejas Mk1A aircraft and an additional 10 twin-seater FOC (Final Operational Clearance) standard Tejas Mk1 jets.

The Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), with its production lines in Bangalore (LCA Division I and II), has been the driving force behind the Tejas project. The annual production capacity, initially set at 16 jets, was later slated to be upgraded to 24 jets following the activation of the Nashik Division. This strategic expansion aimed to cater to the manufacturing of 8 additional LCA-Tejas aircraft and enhance the combined annual production capabilities to 24 from the fiscal year 2025-26 onwards.

With the proposed additional orders, the Tejas production line, which was initially slated to conclude by 2028-29, will now remain active until 2032-33. This extended timeline aligns perfectly with the growing demand for modern fighter jets that exhibit cutting-edge technology, enhanced capabilities, and superior performance. Moreover, a prolonged production line provides stability to the workforce, bolsters technological expertise, and sustains the momentum of indigenous aerospace innovation.

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