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The Indian Air Force (IAF) is set to bolster its aerial capabilities with the procurement of an additional 97 Tejas Mk1A fighter jets from the state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) as Per report in ANI. This strategic move will elevate the IAF’s Tejas fleet strength to a formidable 220 aircraft, solidifying its commitment to indigenous defense production. Indian Air Force chief Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhri on Tuesday said contract for 97 additional Tejas Mark 1A was expected to be signed this year.

A Growing Tejas Fleet: The IAF’s acquisition of these 97 Tejas Mk1A fighter jets complements its earlier orders, which included:

  • 32 Tejas Mk1
  • 73 Tejas Mk1A fighter jets

Furthermore, the IAF is poised to commence the induction of 18 Tejas Trainer Aircraft in the coming year. This comprehensive expansion highlights the IAF’s dedication to enhancing its operational capabilities through indigenous aircraft.

The Tejas Mk1A fighter jets ordered in this latest procurement are expected to feature advancements in technology compared to their predecessors. These enhancements are poised to make the Tejas Mk1A even more potent in addressing modern security challenges.

The IAF is set to receive the first two upgraded Tejas Mk1A fighter jets from HAL starting February 2024. This timely delivery schedule reflects the commitment of both the IAF and HAL to strengthen India’s air defense capabilities.

The procurement of 97 Tejas Mk1A fighter jets is expected to be a substantial investment in India’s defense infrastructure. The estimated cost for this procurement is around 60,000 crores, highlighting the scale of this endeavor.

The expansion of the Tejas fleet underscores India’s commitment to self-reliance in defense production. Indigenous manufacturing not only strengthens the nation’s defense capabilities but also fosters economic growth and technological innovation within the country.

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