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Indian Air Force older generation Mi-17 medium-lift helicopters are in for a major upgrade, with plans being firmed up on retrofitting them with advanced avionics and electronic warfare suits along with multisensor payload like short wave infra-red (SWIR) REV III multisensor optical payload locally along with weather radar.

50 older Mi-17 helicopters along with 32 latest Mi-17V helicopters will be modified with upgraded smart multi-function displays, weather radar, traffic collision and avoidance systems and air data systems.

DRDO developed an electronic warfare suite to be installed on both types including a radar warning receiver, missile approach warning system and a flare and chaff dispensing system as well as an identify friend and foe system.

At Aero India proposed upgraded scale model of the Mi-17 was also showcased with plans to conclude modifications and upgrades in four years.

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