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According to Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari, the Indian Air Force (IAF) is actively working on advancing specialized technologies related to space-based capabilities, data connectivity, and decision-making support systems based on artificial intelligence.

In recent years, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has been attempting to establish an agreement among the three Service Chiefs for the creation of a joint space force. The militarization of space has become a startling reality for many countries, with nations like China developing satellites capable of targeting military satellites in space, as well as increasing demonstrations of anti-satellite weapon (ASAT) systems in the region. This has prompted the IAF to pursue the establishment of a joint space force.

The primary role of a space force is to protect a country’s interests in space, including its satellites, spacecraft, and other assets. A space force is responsible for ensuring the security and safety of these assets, as well as conducting space-based operations such as reconnaissance, surveillance, and communication.

In addition to protecting a country’s assets in space, a space force can also support military operations on the ground by providing satellite-based intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities. This can include providing real-time information on enemy movements, tracking the location of friendly forces, and supporting precision-guided munitions.

Furthermore, a space force can help to advance a country’s technological capabilities by conducting research and development in areas such as space-based communications, advanced sensors, and satellite propulsion systems.

Overall, the role of a space force is to protect a country’s interests in space and to leverage space-based capabilities to support military operations on the ground.

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