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The Indian Air Force (IAF) is seeking to acquire nine decommissioned Jaguar fighter jets and spare parts from the United Kingdom, according to a report in Tribune India. This move aims to address attrition within the IAF’s Jaguar fleet, which is nearing the end of its operational life.

The IAF has requested five single-seater Jaguar GR-1s and four twin-seat Jaguar T-2s, both variants no longer used by the Royal Air Force (RAF). Additionally, they require a significant number of spare parts, estimated at around 150 different types.

This request comes after a similar deal with France in which the IAF received 31 used airframes, engines, and various spare parts for its Jaguar fleet. These resources were crucial for maintaining operational capability and were relocated to the Gorakhpur airbase.

Many of the acquired airframes are likely to be used for a process known as cannibalization. This involves harvesting parts from non-functional aircraft to maintain the serviceability of operational Jaguars within the IAF squadrons.

The Jaguar is no longer in production, and India is currently the sole remaining operator. Other countries that previously used Jaguars, including France, the UK, Oman, Nigeria, and Ecuador, have all retired their fleets.

The IAF expects to fully retire its Jaguar fleet by 2035. This coincides with the anticipated full-scale induction of the Tejas Mk-II, an indigenously developed light combat aircraft, which is expected to replace the Jaguar.