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The Indian Air Force (IAF) is taking strides towards enhancing the safety and performance of its pilots by seeking private sector collaboration for the development of a state-of-the-art Anti-G Suit (AGS). This initiative falls under the iDEX Open Challenge format, a flagship initiative of the Indian Ministry of Defence aimed at fostering innovation and advancements in defence technology.

The current generation of anti-G suits offers protection to pilots up to 6 Gz, whereas modern aircraft are designed to withstand up to 9 Gz. This discrepancy creates the risk of G-induced loss of consciousness, reduced pilot attention, fatigue, and compromised combat effectiveness during high-G manoeuvres. To bridge this gap, the IAF is committed to developing an advanced AGS that can automatically protect up to 9 Gz without imposing additional strain on the pilot.

The envisioned Anti-G Suit will be a full-coverage garment, encompassing the entire torso, legs, and arms of the pilot. However, it will not enclose the head, neck, hands, and feet. The suit will utilize inflatable bladders to maintain the required pressure for optimal protection.

The development process of this cutting-edge AGS involves several crucial steps, including the selection of a suitable fabric. The chosen fabric must meet specific criteria, such as breathability, durability, lightweight nature, and comfort for the pilot’s skin. Additionally, the AGS will incorporate a bladder system that is correctly sized, positioned, and designed for both protection and pilot comfort.

One of the key objectives is to seamlessly integrate the new AGS with the existing anti-G systems on IAF aircraft. This integration will ensure that the technology can be adopted without major modifications to the aircraft, making it a practical solution for the IAF.

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