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The Indian Air Force (IAF) is mulling an offer from Greece to acquire 18 Mirage-2000-5 fighter jets. While the operational life of these jets might be limited, they could serve as a valuable source of spare parts for the IAF’s existing Mirage-2000 fleet.

Greece has offered these jets at an undisclosed price, likely reflecting their limited remaining service life. IAF officials will likely assess the condition of the aircraft in Greece to determine their suitability primarily as a source of spare parts.

The IAF’s Mirage-2000 fleet, clocking in at nearly 40 years of service, is slated for retirement by 2035. These Greek Mirage-2000-5s, despite their age, could provide a crucial source of components to extend the operational life of India’s existing fleet until newer generation aircraft like Tejas MkII are fully integrated.

The offer also includes a twin-seater Mirage-2000-5 variant, which the IAF is in particular need of. The IAF lost two twin-seater Mirage-2000 trainers in accidents and is looking to replenish its stock for pilot conversion training at the squadron level.

The IAF will closely examine the condition of the twin-seater jets. If at least two can be restored to airworthiness, it would significantly address the IAF’s trainer deficit. The IAF’s inspection of the Greek Mirage-2000s will be crucial in determining the feasibility of this deal. If the jets are found to be suitable as parts donors or potential trainer candidates, this acquisition could provide the IAF with a temporary solution until its next-generation Tejas MkII fighter jets are fully integrated.

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