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In a remarkable operation last night, an IAF aircraft, an Airbus A321 with its distinctive Air India livery, carried out a life-saving mission in coordination with a team from Army Hospital R&R. The mission’s objective: to swiftly transport a vital liver organ from Goa Medical College to Delhi, where it was urgently needed for a critical transplant. Thanks to the swift and efficient operation, the soldier’s life was saved.

It’s worth noting that the Airbus A321 aircraft in question was formerly part of Air India’s fleet and still bears its original livery. The Indian Air Force (IAF) has acquired a total of six Airbus A321 aircraft from Air India for a unique purpose. These aircraft are slated for conversion into the Netra MkII Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AEW&CS) platform.

The Airbus A321 aircraft, now proudly displaying the label “Bhartiya Vayu Sena,” has been undergoing meticulous maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) procedures to ensure its airworthiness. These critical steps are part of the process to transform these aircraft into the advanced Netra MkII AEW&CS platform.

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